Athletic/Aquatic Coordinator Position Announcement



Plans and formulates an assigned major function or phase of the athletic/aquatic programs. Supervises areas and personnel assigned in the conduct of such assigned phase. May assist the Director or his/her assistant in details of administration; or may, on the other hand, devote a portion of time to leadership, organization, or conducting recreation activities at parks or centers and helping other athletic/aquatic staff. Is concerned with the orientation, training and supervision of staff members, particularly seasonal and part-time workers.


Organizes or encourages the formation of teams and leagues of participants in popular competitive athletic games.
Plans and promotes a variety of activities and events for various ages and special-interest groups both in athletics and at the aquatic facility.
Drafts schedules of activities involved in.
Orients, trains, and instructs staff members, particularly seasonal, part-time and volunteers in the carrying out of programs in compliance with policy.
Participates in and conducts when necessary staff meetings to discuss and evaluate program content, techniques, and special problems.
Inspects areas to be used for safety.
Inspects operation of programs.
Directly promotes and organizes activities.
Recommends and secures proper equipment and supplies well in advance of the beginning of the activity planned.
Formulates and disseminates information relative to activities at the time of registration.
Develop a cooperative working relationship with all members of the staff and secure their assistance when necessary.
Develop a written procedure for conducting each program; equipment needed time frame, location of activity, staff needed and age range.
Maintains a complete record system of activities conducted, participation, results of league play (if athletic program), and recommendations for change in program, procedure, or rules.
Responsible for the issuance and collection of all uniforms, athletic equipment, and activity equipment.
Responsible for a complete inventory of equipment.
Assist in the preparation of annual budget estimates for all programs.
Assist with maintaining records, logs of all chemical testing at aquatic facility and keep compliance with Health Dept.
Assist with maintaining, stocking, staffing, and training of seasonal aquatic concession stand.
Other related work as assigned.


Must possess a valid driver’s license. College degree, with B.S. Degree in Recreation, or a related field, two years’ experience in recreation/athletics, Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) or Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Certified,  First Aid/AED Certification or related work, or any equivalent combination of education and experience acceptable to the appointing Authority.  Must possess the ability to guide and direct the work of the programs responsible for. Skill in public relations and communications. Skill in budgeting procedures. Ability to work harmoniously with peers and fellow employees. Ability to meet and serve the public in a courteous manner. Must be able to lift, climb and walk with no physical impairments.