Superintendent of Operations Position Announcement



Functions under the direction of the Executive Director and Assistant Director. This person is responsible for the maintenance, repair and constructions of parks and facilities and all equipment in them. This person is responsible for all safety checks all areas and the repair or replacement of such as needed. The employee exercises responsible professional judgment in the planned use of said facilities and their upkeep. Custodial services shall be supervised by this person. This position is a hands on position in which the person assigns the persons under his/her supervision to carry out specific duties as well as perform them himself/herself. The person shall be in the field an appropriate amount of time, with the remainder of the time in administrative duties of the position.


Supervises, trains and evaluates all personnel assigned to the operations and maintenance/custodial division.
Inspects and repairs all buildings, fixtures, scoreboards, playground equipment, gymnasium equipment, ballfields, etc.
Responsible for the application of chemicals, fertilizers and herbicides as well as formulating a schedule for application of such.
Maintains an inventory of equipment assigned to his/her division.
Recommends budget items related to the division.
Serves as a member of the administrative team.
Serves as a leader of a working team.
Directs and supervises the department employees in the care and maintenance of recreation and park areas, facilities and equipment.
Evaluates employees work performance; resolves personnel problems and grievances.
Establishes goals for the division as well as individual employees.
Reviews the work of employees; makes field inspections to evaluate the quality of assigned work as well as quantity.
Maintains all required documentation necessary for EPA/EPD.
Maintains records of work performed.
Maintains documentation of chemicals obtained, use and the information provided by the manufacturer.
Establishes time tables for specific work functions.
Establishes files on purchases of equipment and supplies as well as the vendor.
Maintains schematic of irrigation systems, playground equipment, electrical systems, etc.
Operates trucks, tractors and other mechanized equipment as needed.
Ascertains present and future needs for areas and facilities; recommends long-term plans to meet these needs.
Performs duties of other positions as necessary in order that the overall operation of the department is maintained at a high standard.
Performs related duties as assigned.


Must possess a valid driver’s license. Knowledge of present day concepts of recreation and park functions; ability to formulate plans and specifications; knowledge of plant nomenclature and adaptabilities to environment; knowledge of chemicals and their applications; thorough knowledge of the principles, theory and philosophy of the recreation and park profession; ability to plan, guide and direct the work of the department or division and its personnel; capacity to make decisions objectively, skill in communication both verbally and written; ability to work harmoniously with fellow employees and the public; knowledge of the ADA requirements. College graduate, BS Degree in recreation, park administration, horticulture or a related field; or at least two years of college training and five years of on the job training; or ten full years of on the job training with progressively increasing responsibility and extensive continuing education. Preferred certification as a chemical/pesticide applicator. Must be able to life, climb and walk with no physical impairment.